Firefox Launch firefox browser More
Chrome Launch chrome browser. Go
InternetExplorer Selenium IE browser Go
Opera Launch Opera browser More
Safari Launch Safari browser More
Locators Selenium Locators tutorial More
Navigation Browser Navigation Commands More
Screenshot Take full page screenshot More
Fail test case screenshot Screenshot only failed test case More
Scroll Down and Up Webpage scroll down and up More
Right Click Right click functionality More
Double Click Double click functionality More
New Tab Working on NewTab in same browser More
Alert Ok Accept OK button More
Alert Cancel Dismiss or Cancel button More
Alert Text Enter or Send a text in Alert window Go
Mouseover Mouseover functionality Go
Window Handles Work with multiple window handles More
Synchronization Synchronization Commands More
Number of Links Total Number of Links in website More
Get number of Links Text Display all webpage Link Text Names More
Get all URLs Display all URLs More
Broken Links Find total Broken Links More
Scroll Down and Up Webpage scroll down and up More
SSL Certification in Firefox SSL Certification in Firefox More
SSL Certification in Chrome SSL Certification in Google Chrome More
SSL Certification in IE SSL Certification in Google Chrome More
New Tab New tab same browser More
Browser name & version Browser name & version More
Checkboxes Select Multiple Checkboxes Go
GetAttribute GetAttribute using Selenium Webdriver Go
Responsive size Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop More
Table Automation Display Full Data Data More
Table Automation Display Selected Row Go
Table Automation Display Search Results Go
Table Automation Display Selected Cell More
width and Height Image width and Height More
Load time test Web page Load time More
File upload Upload file More
File Download Download File More
New tab Working with Tab functionalities More
Zoom IN and Zoom OUT Webpage scroll down and up More
CSS Properties CSS testing using selenium More
Keyboard Keyboard Actions More
Datepicker How To Select Date In Selenium More
Select Dropdown Coming Soon.. More
Data Driven Framework Login with xls More
Data Driven Framework ReTesting Go
Data Driven Framework Print the Pass or Fail results in Excel Go
Data Driven Framework Create Excel sheet More
Get console results Get the eclipse console results More
Auto Select DropDown Auto select country in dropdown More
Google Auto Search Auto suggestion search More
Auto Select DropDown Auto select country in dropdown More
Drag and drop Drag and drop square box Go
Drag and Drop Circle drag and drop circle More
TestNG Tutorial Description of TestNG More
TestNG Installation Configure TestNG in Eclipse Go
TestNG Program 1 Launch browser Go
TestNG Program 2 Annotations Execution Order More
TestNG Program 3 Execute Test Alphabetical Order More
TestNG Program 4 Execute Priority or Order More
TestNG Program 5 Skip / Disable / Ignore More
TestNG Program 6 Time Out More
TestNG Program 7 Method Description More
TestNG Program 8 Dependency Test method More
TestNG Program 9 Include and Exclude Methods More
TestNG Program 10 TestNG Groups Test Methods More
TestNG Program 11 DataProvider More
TestNG Program 12 Cross Browser Testing More
TestNG Program 13 Page Object Model More
TestNG Program 14 Listeners More