TestNG Installation

Installation Instruction (in Eclipse):

Method 1: The latest version of TestNG can be downloaded from Maven Central.

For the Eclipse plug-in, using the update site:

Select Help / Software updates / Find and Install.
Search for new features to install.
New remote site.
For Eclipse 3.4 and above, enter http://beust.com/eclipse.
For Eclipse 3.3 and below, enter http://beust.com/eclipse1.
Make sure the check box next to URL is checked and click Next.
Eclipse will then guide you through the process.

After installation follow the steps below:
1. Restart eclipse
2. Go to Window-> Preferences and observe the left panel
3. TestNG is enlisted

For Installation details visit the following site:


Method 2: TestNG can also be installed in Eclipse by using Marketplace. Below are the steps:

Open eclipse
Go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace...
Do search for TestNG (Type the text TestNG in Find text box > Click Go button)
After searching: Click Install button at TestNG for Eclipse area
Follow the further instructions by eclipse

Method 3: