10 Tips for Telephonic Interview

Telephonic interviews are fast becoming a trend these days in this superfast paced world. It saves valuable time, money and effort for both – interviewer and interviewee. A very basic and elementary mistake most candidates make is taking this telephonic interview lightly.

Here are some tips to remember when you are about to give a telephonic interview

  1. Keep your mobile ready. Your mobile is your weapon here. Use it wisely.
    1. Record your call – This would help you review your interview after interview is over. Listening to your call tells you a lot about yourself – try it!!
    2. Charge your phone – You are not a kid for me to remind you that your phone should be charged more than 50% (at least)in advance – you never know how long this interview will take.
    3. Turn off Call waiting – Avoid distractions, focus on your interview.
    4. Turn off Whatsapp/Gtalk/other notifications – Whatsapp and other chat apps can be really be annoying during an interview. Avoid them by turning their notifications off or simple turn off internet of your phone.
  2. Use Earphones: Use Bluetooth headset or good quality Earphone instead of holding on to your phone. Generally Telephonic interviews can be longer than expected. Also using earphones means both your hands are free.
  3. Don’t Smoke/Chew or eat/ Drink: While in the middle of a telephonic interview, keep your speech clear. Eating, drinking or smoking hinders your voice. But do keep a glass of water handy at your desk. Speak clearly and complete your words properly. It portrays your confidence.
  4. Silence Please: Make sure there’s a lot of peace and quiet when you are giving your telephonic interview. Music System, TV, pets, kids, family members only and only distract you…. Close that door of yours.
  5. Cheat wisely (if required): It is obvious that the interviewer cannot see what you are doing while giving a telephonic interview, this does not mean you can cheat your way to glory. Cheating is acceptable, till it’s within limits. Prepare some basic interview questions in advance and keep them handy. Make points that you can explain on the fly instead of writing paragraphs. Don’t try to Google questions during interview – it doesn’t help.
  6. Mind your tone. Sit on your study table – don’t lie on your bed. Smile – it does reflect in your tone. And for god’s sake, don’t interrupt the interviewer.
  7. Relax – just take your time – its ok if you take that extra couple of seconds to answer. Gather your thoughts and then reply. Try not giving a story – keep it short and crisp.
  8. Take Notes: If you are using earphones, both your hands are free, scribble out points that cross your mind or something that you want to tell the interviewer at some point of time further in the call.
  9. Show your enthusiasm – Ask questions from your interviewer. Show your enthusiasm. What is the next step after this, when can I meet you for the next round – type questions reveal your eagerness.
  10. Don’t forget the final nail in the coffin – Don’t forget to Thank the interviewer for talking to you. Gratitude always adds to  the positive image you have created in the interviewer’s mind.

All the best !!

Articles by Author : "Sourabh Sharma"